Bahamas Visa Photos at the University of AlbertaThe Bahamas Visa Application requires four photos between 2 x 1½” and 2½ x 2″ (50 x 40 mm and 70 x 50 mm) in size. The Bahamas Passport renewal application has the same requirements. We provide 50 x 50 mm photos. Bahamas Visa or Passport photos take about 10 minutes to prepare. Please do not wear excessive makeup or sunscreen. Sunglasses are not permitted. For more information please consult The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, or the Bahamas High Commission in Ottawa.

Bahamas Visas Photos and Bamahas Passport photos available in Edmonton

Please Note: Canadian citizens can live in the Bahamas for up to eight months without a Bahamas Visa. Canadian permanent residents (non-Citizens) can stay in the Bahamas for up to one month without a Bahamas Visa. More information is available from The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.