Brasil Visa Photos at the University of AlbertaAs of August 24, 2015, Brazilian Visa photos must be uploaded to the Brazilian Sistema de Controle e Emissão de Documentos de Viagem. The new specifications are a digital file between 177 x 236 px and 354 x 472 px in size, with aspect ratio of 3 x 4, and a face between 31 and 36 mm in height, on a light colored non-white background. Brazilian Visa photos take about 10 minutes to prepare. Please do not wear excessive makeup or sunscreen. Religious head coverings are permitted as long as the face is clearly visible. Tinted glasses are not permitted. For more information please consult the Brazilian Sistema de Controle e Emissão de Documentos de Viagem, or the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa. Digital Copy Included.

Brazilian Visa Photos available in Edmonton